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19 of the 27 bloc countries broke renewable energy generation records in 2022

According to a report by climate research company, Ember, 19 out of the 27 bloc countries broke their renewable (wind and solar) energy generation records in 2022.

The increased interest in alternative source of power comes as many nations are forced to make-do with reduced purchase of Russian gas due to the political tension its invasion of Ukraine caused.

The European Union has saved €11 billion in gas cost since the invasion and generated a quarter of its energy needs from wind and solar.

Poland. for example, recorded a 48.5 percent increase in solar and wind generation, marking the biggest spike in the data. The country has been one of the heaviest dependents on coal and it managed to turn things around. Meanwhile, Spain had the biggest increase in overall electricity generation from solar and wind, with a 35 percent increase, which amounts to adding 7.4TWh.

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Power generation has been a struggle in Europe for some years now and the pandemic made demand rice as more people spent time at home. Then, what followed was the Russian invasion. With 45 percent of the gas used in the bloc nations coming from Russia, it became clear that they had to figure something else out quickly.

There are plans to stop buying gas from Russia completely by 2030, but it seems the schedule could have been moved up.

In addition to the political situation, there is also the matter of climate change, which wind and solar power generation favours. However, the world is still a long way from stopping reliance of fossil fuel.

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