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18 Things Every Girl Needs to Know

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There’s so much your parents can teach you before they send you out into the world to prove your independence but there are others you just have to learn on your own.

It can be a bit scary out there after you hit puberty and are off to make your own mistakes and learn your lessons.

It could be college or just the need to move out that’s made you stumble upon this little piece of knowledge. Or maybe you’re just curious to know if you actually know all there is for a girl.

Whatever journey it is you’re about to take, here’s are 18 things you need to know before patting yourself on the back. In spite of the pretense of confidence, we know that there lies that little touch of fear about how ready you really are to be independent. We hope checking off this list will be the confidence boost you need.

If you don’t have everything struck off this list, then worry not because it’s not the end of the world – yet.

Here’s our list:


1.    Your Bra Size

Every girl needs to know her bra size because bras can be a little constrictive and uncomfortable. The only way they feel better is when you have your actual size on. Ensure you know your size in order to purchase it when the need arises.

2.    How to say No

Parents and Teachers are responsible for teaching the art of saying “No”. Yet, girls are responsible for knowing when they should and how they should say No. You are responsible for yourself and no one has the right to take your will from you.

3.      Yourself

Know yourself, Know your worth, Know who you are. If you don’t know this, then you need a lesson or two in knowing your identity. No one knows you better than yourself.

4.      When to Walk Away from an Argument

There are times you just need to keep quiet and walk away. The truth is, girls just love to talk and have the final say. Girls speak a thousand words for every hundred a boy speaks. Even if you’re right, some arguments just need to end. Know when to admit defeat and when to just keep quiet to let peace reign.

5.      How to Cook

Someday you just might live alone or cater for your own family, and you need to ensure no one starves or gets food poisoning at your expense. Learn how to cook certain meals, if not all.

6.      How to accept a Compliment

Learn how to say “Thank you” for compliments given you.

7.      How to love your body

Your body is gold and goals, no matter what anyone thinks. Treat it with the respect it deserves

8.      When to walk out of a relationship

Sometimes you just need to build up the courage to walk out of a relationship you know isn’t healthy for you.

9.      How to dress for an occasion

Be it an interview, a party or church, whatever the occasion is, a girl should know how to look presentable – preferably, fashionably.

10.    How to forgive others

Learn how to forgive, even if you can’t forget easily. Move on with your life.

11.    How to stand up for yourself

You need to learn how to fight for your rights. Don’t let anyone walk all over you because you’re a girl, especially when the issue is gender biased.

12.    How to express your feelings 

Your body isn’t transparent. People can’t read your emotions all the time and don’t know why you feel or act the way you do. Express yourself to others every now and then to help them understand why you feel or act the way you do.

13.    How to iron a shirt

Someday you would be in a position where you might need to iron a certain man’s shirt. Let now be the time you learn, and not later.

14.    How to do your makeup

You can’t look bland all the time even if you’re not a fan of makeup. Some occasions call for a glam look. Therefore, as a girl you need to check this off your list.

15.    How to do the laundry

This is as vital as air.

16.    How to drive a car

As a  human living in a technology advanced world, you need to get this very important item checked off your list too.

17.    How to bargain

Girls are popular for their bargaining skills anywhere and everywhere, so you need to prove your girl power by becoming a bargain queen as well. Save cash by bargaining like a champ.

18.    How to accept that mistakes happen

You’re probably about to or have made mistakes and it’s fine. Mistakes happen and once you accept that, you’ll be fine.

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