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Watch: 18 Exciting Facts You Should Know About Malawi

When you hear about Africa, it seems like a world of its own. The vastness and diversity make it seem intriguing. In reality, there’s a lot about Africa that only experience, and not words, would reveal to you. But in the case where you don’t even know where to visit, Malawi is one place for you. So, pack your bags and get ready to be taken on a trip to “The Warm Heart of Africa” known as Malawi.


It’s not nicknamed “The Warm Heart of Africa” for no reason as it has some of the friendliest people in Africa. The people are very accommodating and open, and you would rarely meet one that doesn’t greet you with a cheerful “Welcome”. They are also more than willing to help you at any point in time. So, if you get lost at any point, don’t be too shy to ask for help.



Also, Malawi is pretty safe as AnswersAfrica names it the sixth safest country in Africa. So, if you’re looking for where to spend your next trip away from the fear of violence and crime, then Malawi is the answer.


It was formerly known as Nyasaland and is located in southeast Africa. The country spans an area of 118,000 square km and houses 16,777,547 people. Meanwhile, the growth rate of the population of Malawi is 2.75%.


If you think you might run out of things to do in the country, don’t worry. It has various tourist attractions for a reason. Although it doesn’t get the much recognition it deserves, it has a high potential for tourism development.


Now that you know you’re in safe hands, let’s get you in on the many things you should know about Malawi. Probably, when you do visit Malawi, you would have a whole new list to add to these facts.


18 exciting facts about Malawi

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