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16th June: Find Out What Happened On This Day In History

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16th June is the 167th day of the year (168th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 198 days remain until the end of the year. Today also marks the International Day of the African Child and 2019 Father’s Day. Find out some important events that occurred on this day, 16th June, in history.


Historical events

632 — Origin of Persian [Yezdegird] era.

1779 — Spain declares war on Great Britain in support of the US, and the siege of Gibraltar begins.

1784 — Holland forbids the wearing of orange clothes.

1794 — The first stone laid at biggest Dutch grain windmill De Walvisch in Schiedam.

1858 — Abraham Lincoln says “A house divided against itself cannot stand” accepting Illinois Republican Party’s nomination for the Senate.

1883 — The Victoria Hall theatre panic in Sunderland, England kills 183 children.

1884 — The first roller coaster used (Coney Island NY).

1902 — “The Wizard of Oz” musical first opens in Chicago, Illinois.


16th June in the 20th Century

1903 — Ford Motors under Henry Ford incorporates.

1903 — Pepsi Cola company forms.

1909 — The first US airplane sold commercially, by Glenn Curtiss for $5,000.

1911 — A 772-gram stony meteorite strikes the earth near Kilbourn, Columbia County, Wisconsin damaging a barn.

1913 — South African Government pass the segregationist Native Land Act, which restricts purchase or lease of land by native Africans.

1922 — Henry Berliner demonstrates his helicopter to US Bureau of Aeronautics.

1924 — South Africa all out 30 v England in 48 minutes, Gilligan 6-7.

1941 — The first US federally owned airport opened Washington, DC.

1944 — George Stinney, a 14-year-old African-American boy, is wrongfully executed for the murder of two white girls, becoming the youngest person ever executed in 20th-century America.

1944 — Iceland adopts a constitution.

1959 — South African Apartheid government efforts to remove Black people from Cato Manor close to the Durban city centre to newly established black township Kwa Mashu, on outskirts met with violent resistance.

1961 — Discoverer 25 launched.

1963 — Valentina Tereshkova (USSR) is the first woman in space, aboard Vostok 6.

1967 — 50,000 attend Monterey International Pop Festival.

1971 — Racial disturbance in Jacksonville, Florida.

1972 — The largest single-site hydro-electric power project in Canada starts at Churchill Falls, Labrador.

1986 — One-day general strike in South Africa.

1990 — Anti-Apartheid Activists and Politicians Nelson & Winnie Mandela visit Leidseplein, Amsterdam.

1992 — British postage stamp celebrates the 350th anniversary of the Battle of Edgehill.


16th June in the 21st Century

2012 — 32 people are killed by a car bomb in Baghdad.

2012 — Coca-Cola begins business in Myanmar after 60 years.

2013 — “Despicable Me 2” directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud with voices by Steve Carrel and Kristen Wiig premieres at the Champs-Elysées Film Festival.

2016 — Philadelphia is the first US state to pass a tax on sweetened drinks.

2017 — US President Donald Trump reinstates Cuban travel and business restrictions after they were loosened by President Obama.

2017 — Amazon announces it is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.

2018 — World Cup: Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology is used for the first time, awarding France a penalty in a 2-1 win over Australia in Kazan.

2018 — Two suicide bombers attack Damboa in Borno state, Nigeria. They kill at least 31 people.

2018 — Beyoncé and Jay-Z release their joint album “Everything is Love”.

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