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1,600 Hotel Guests Secretly Live-Streamed By Website

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Four people in South Korea have been arrested for a scheme that involved spy cams in 42 motel rooms. They live-streamed up to 1,600 guests to a website that broadcasted the videos to its over 4,000 members.

The Korean Herald reported hidden cameras with 1-millimetre lenses installed in TVs, power outlets and other hotel room fixtures. The scheme allegedly affected 30 different motels in 10 cities across the country.

1600 hotel rooms spied on by website

This secret filming reportedly occurred between 24th November 24, 2018, and 2nd March 2019. Hosted outside of South Korea, the website supposedly has 97 people who purchased over 800 of the videos. As a result of this, the website has generated about $6,200. The owners of the website might face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

Now, this is making patronisers of Airbnb services a little wearier. In October 2017, a couple staying in a Florida Airbnb discovered a hidden camera in their smoke detector. Similarly, in January 2019, another man found many hidden cameras in his Miami Airbnb. Both happened in the United States.

Users of motels, hotels and Airbnb in and outside of Nigeria should be careful and be more vigilant. The gadgets in your hotel room might be watching you.

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