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15 Truths About Having A Baby No One Really Tells You

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It’s not exactly a secret, but there are some truths about having a baby that no one really tells you. Babies are a blessing but, when you have them without knowing some facts, it can be stressful. The picture-perfect mother you see on magazine covers and television commercials aren’t really lying. They are simply showing you the good old days, but never truly reveal the long pain-staking bad days.


How you choose to see the sleepless nights is up to you, but babies are a blessing. Those mini “you can be super cute one minute but screaming their head off the next” kind of individuals are adorable. The fact that they can’t speak about their needs means you have to use your mothering telepathic powers (really does exist).


You would someday look back and wish you had savoured those little moments with them. If you’re crazy enough, you may even want to have another even in your old age. Well, thank goodness for grandkids. If you haven’t yet discovered the truth about babies, then you’re lucky because we are about to reveal them. Take your pen and paper and be prepared to jot things down now. Or just bookmark this–whatever works for you.


15 truths about having a baby



1. The first three months is called the fourth trimester for a reason. Your baby is adjusting to the new world outside the womb. Some babies adjust easily while others can be quite a handful. Eventually, you will get a hang of it — stress inclusive.


2. You will be sleep deprived if you don’t sleep right. The best time to sleep is when the baby sleeps. Don’t be tempted to do chores.


3. Breastfeeding comes naturally but can be quite hard. In the first stage, it would hurt and your baby would demand your b***s often. Eventually, you will get a hang of it.


4. You need to take care of yourself too. It can be quite easy to forget your own health because of the nursing routine, but you shouldn’t put yourself last. When you start catering to your health it would be easier to continue when your baby grows older.


5. Buy tons of nipple cream. With the rate at which that little human sucks, you would need it!


6. Freeze lots of meals because you won’t have time to cook as often.


7. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing a bad job – every baby is different. Trust your parental instinct.


8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to accept one when it’s offered. You are human, and you have your breaking point.


9. Leaving the house to throw the trash would be a luxury. Enjoy it!


10. The period after birth may be painful for you.


11. You won’t have time for your partner, so always remember to hug and kiss them when you can.


12. Don’t compare your baby with other babies. They are all different, and even your second child won’t be the same as your first.


13. You can breakdown; it’s normal but be ready to get right back up. That baby needs you healthy, physically and mentally.


14. Mommy instinct is quite real; trust yours.


15. No one is a perfect mother; don’t beat yourself over not being perfect.


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