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15 Questions Every Couple Needs To Ask Themselves

Couples just want to receive the ‘best couple of the year’ award, but on what grounds? Is it the number of years in a relationship, the ring on the finger or the flamboyant things gifted? What proves that you’re doing the right thing in your relationship?


You spot social media couples flaunting their relationships online. This could make you wonder what the perfect relationship is. Are they perfect or do they just pretend well? Is your relationship with your partner doing just fine or is it truly so awe-inspiring?




Whatever their ‘game’ is, what matters is how you handle yours. Therefore, what are the criteria for being able to tell that you’re actually doing the right thing? What are those couple questions you need to ask yourself to prove that, although you’re not the couple of the year, you are definitely doing something right. Maybe you will deserve a ‘couple of the year’ award if you answer yes to most of these questions.


Watch the video below and also share with your partner. Compare answers and tell us how well or bad you both did.


Take a look at the 15 couple questions below

Question source

Gary W. Lewandowski Jr.
Professor of Psychology, Monmouth University

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