You are currently viewing 14-Year-Old Boy Forced To Marry Older Girlfriend After Impregnating Her

14-Year-Old Boy Forced To Marry Older Girlfriend After Impregnating Her

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In a south-eastern state in Nigeria, a 14-year-old boy was married off to a 15-year-old girl. According to reports, he was forced to marry her after impregnating her.


It seems they have bitten more than they can chew in this case, as the bride is seen heavily pregnant. This implies that she had been pregnant for months prior to the marriage. A video making rounds online revealed the ceremonial events.


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The girl’s father, who gave her away, advised her to be careful. He emphasised that she was no longer in her father’s house. This was heard from the video shared on GossipMillNaija.


The wedding video between the 14-year-old boy and older girl has since gone viral on social media, and there are mixed reactions to it. Some condemned the act of letting the young teens get married. Meanwhile, others applauded the parents for the decision made.


Reactions from social media

14years old boy that they are still feeding impregnated a 15years old girl that they are still feeding, who’s going to feed the baby 😢…may God help Dem 🙏


They will be okay, their kids will be like their siblings, may God guide them and give them sense and may God also provide all they would need to take care of their selves.


Ignorance + illiteracy


If you are old enough to put belle…you should be old enough to marry her 🤔


Another matured guy for one corner fit dey responsible for the pregnancy


Watch the video below:

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