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surprise yout man

12 Interesting Ways To Surprise Your Man

Do you feel like you want to spice up your relationship with your boyfriend or husband? How about planning a bit of surprise for him to spice things up!


Here are some of the interesting ways you can surprise your man.


1. Plan a candlelit dinner


After a long day at work, surprise your man with a candlelit dinner. Let him come back home to see the house dimly lit, with candles lit around the house and a scrumptious meal on the table. Trust me, he would surely enjoy that.


2. Forget your underwear on purpose


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Purposely forget to wear underwear when you pay your man a surprise visit to his office. Let him know so that he has a lot to fantasise about before he comes home from work. You are sure to have maximum attention when he gets back.


3. Buy him a ticket to a football game


If your man is a football lover, this is a great way to surprise him. Get him a ticket to go watch a football match he has been looking forward to watching. If you are someone who doesn’t like football, it makes him feel more loved and cherished because you’re going out of your way to care for someone you love.


4. Stock up his fridge with beer


Surprise him with a couple of packs of beer in his fridge just before a big game comes on TV. You can also load the freezer with chips and snacks that he can eat after meals.


5. Fuel his car


You can either choose to tell him what you’re going to do or tell him you want to go pick up dinner and take his car. He will notice he has a full tank when he is going to work the next morning and love you for it. Be careful when you take out his car though.


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6. Do something he likes, even if you hate it


Do something your boyfriend likes that you hate. He will be highly surprised and appreciate you for it. You will definitely make his day.


7. Get him a love box


Surprise your man with a love box filled with his favourite chocolates and candies. It will be very unexpected and adorable.


8. Run a warm bath for him


Your man comes home from work tired and stressed. Imagine how appealing a warm bath made by you will sound to him. Run him a warm bath with his favourite bath gel. The night will definitely turn out amazing for him, and you too.


9. Book a hotel room just for the two of you


After a stressful work week for both of you, book a hotel room just for you and your man. You would have probably not had time for each other throughout the week. Make sure there will be no mention of work or stress. Just a weekend of romance.


10. Bring him breakfast in bed


The way to a man’s heart, they say, is his stomach, so why not serve him a scrumptious breakfast in bed. Wake him up with a kiss and breakfast on the side table. He will wake up to the amazing smell of your cooking.


11. Give him a full body massage


A surprise, romantic full body massage is sure to delight him and help him unwind if he feels stressed out or tired. Turn the lights off, light some candles, get some oils, and give him a full massage treatment.


12. Set up a games night for him and his friends


Invite his friends over, get pizza or bake some snacks, get some bottles of beer, and set up the TV. Let him have his boys’ night while you go spend a night at your girlfriend’s place. He is going to be pleasantly surprised at your thoughtfulness. Show him how well you understand his needs.


Ladies, let us know other ways you feel you can surprise your man with. Guys, what ways will you like to be surprised? Share it in the comments section below.


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