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12 Fun Hair Facts You May Not Know About

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The supply of hair products keep increasing and everyone seems to be transiting into a nappy hair fanatic.

Natural hair has become a culture and hair products have taken over the market. The shampoos, oil, and moisturizer of the natural hair cult have claimed ownership of a whooping portion of money in the bank, and we aren’t even complaining. The result of these hair products have made hair tending easier and fun, giving it such glory because our hair is our crown – right?

It’s super great that this is happening and the realization that natural hair is getting the popularity it deserves is a thrilling development. However, no matter how much we try to claim to know all there is to know about hair, there are still certain facts you may be ignorant of:

  1. Your hair is stronger than you think and can support up to 100 grams of weight. You should take vitamins, and also use hair strengthening oils to strengthen your hair.
  2. The average person has around 100, 000 strands of hair. Did you know this? Start counting your hair and tell us how many strands there are.
  3. Your hair gives away a lot of secret about anything that has been in your bloodstream, and that’s why it is usually used for forensic evidence. Things like drugs, alcohol and minerals can be detected.
  4. Hair falls out every day but starts to grow almost immediately. With the number of strands of hair you’ve got, you would hardly notice if one is missing. Although it’s normal for you to lose up to 150 strands a day, don’t freak out, you’ll grow it back.
  5. Hair can grow up to 0.5mm per day.
  6. Your gender cannot be identified by your hair because both men and women have the same hair structure.
  7. By the time you’re five months old in the womb, every single hair follicle on your body is formed even before your facial features are even formed yet. So, if asked, what came first, know it’s the hair because it’s that important.
  8. Hair grows everywhere in the body except the palm, under the feet, lips. Imagine if hair could grow there as well.
  9. Your hair shaft is actually dead, as the only living part is inside the follicle. So if you think you’re carrying a lively bubbling living hair, just know that you’re been carrying something dead on your head. This is why you need good hair products and hair supplements as well, to keep your hair in good shape.
  10. Your hair can be used to clean up an oil spill because of its inept ability to absorb oil, even from water.
  11. A single hair has a lifespan of 50 years before it falls out on his own. But don’t worry, extreme hair loss only becomes evident when you lose up to 50% of your hair.
  12. Since heat stimulates circulation, hair grows faster in warmer climate.

Now you know 12 amazing fun facts about hair but what you probably don’t know is that there are INSANE facts about your hair as well.

This one had our minds boggled.

Did you know the anticipation of s*x makes your hair grow longer? You heard it from here first! Check out this infographic for more insane facts about hair.

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