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getting an apartment

11 Things To Look Out For When Getting An Apartment

Finding an apartment to live in, especially in Lagos, can be very hard. One needs to look out for certain things before paying for a house or moving into a new neighbourhood.


Take a look at 11 things you need to look out for before getting an apartment.


1. Make sure you can afford it



Before you pay for an apartment, make sure that you can afford to keep paying subsequent rents. This is dependent on how long you want to live in the apartment. Do not pick an apartment that may be too expensive for you to pay for in the long run.


2. Be careful if the landlord seems too eager to sell the house



If it looks like the landlord is overly eager to rent the apartment to you, then there might be a problem. If you can, ask the previous residents of the apartment what could have transpired between them and the landlord. Also, try to make friends with the landowner and get to know them as well as possible.


3. Try to meet your potential neighbours



Your neighbours can make or break an apartment, so try your best to see what you are getting yourself into before you move in. You need to be comfortable around the people you are living with. Trust us, you want to know if your neighbour blasts loud music at night, especially if you prefer quiet environments. You would most likely spend more time with your neighbours than you will spend with your landlord.


4. Visit the neighbourhood on nights and weekends before signing anything


What is quiet with ample parking during the day may be loud and crowded at night. Be sure to go by the area at night to check the surrounding in case of robberies, fights, and even general noise in the environment. You may never know that someone close to your house runs a club and plays loud music at night if you always visit during the day.


5.  Consider their pet policy



If you are a pet owner or lover, you probably want to check that the house you are about to pay for allows pets. You don’t want to pay for a house and then realise that they don’t allow pets.


6. Assess the building’s safety

collapsed building

Collapsed building


This is actually very important. In the past months, there have been reports about buildings collapsing, especially on Lagos Island. You need to find out how safe the house you are about to move in is. You don’t want it all coming down on your pretty head while you’re relaxing at home.


7. Check the previous owners’ light and water bills

light and water


Be sure to check that the previous owners completely paid their light and water bills. You do not want to be kept in the dark at first and then carry the expenses someone else made. Ask questions, make inquiries. Go to PHCN if you must. Just ensure that you’re moving in on a fresh note.


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8. Read the terms and conditions before you sign

terms and conditions


Before you sign any document, make sure you thoroughly read and digest the contents. This is because you do not want to sign something you might regret later.


9. Inspect the house itself

interior of a house


Thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of the house itself. Make sure that all the utilities your landlord stated are available and in good condition. You do not want to be told that you damaged something you didn’t simply because you did not check from the beginning.


10. Check the frequency of the electric supply

electric supply


This is very important, trust me. You definitely don’t want to move in and then not see electricity for two months. You also don’t want to hear that the transformer has been bad for weeks. That will be devastating, won’t it? Make it a point of interest to check electricity before you sign anything.


11. Check the security system

security camera


You need to be sure that the house you are about to move into is safe and has a good security system you can rely on. It could be anything from your gate to watchmen at the street gate.


What other tips are useful when looking for an apartment or a new house? Kindly share your tips below. Also, let us know if these tips have been useful to you.


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