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11 Reasons You Need To Get A PlayStation 4 Now

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If you are a game buff and you are a big fan of gaming, there is a chance that you already have the PlayStation 4. But in case you are hesitant for some reason, there is no better time to get a PS4 than now. Here are 10 reasons why.


1. Price

The PS4 is now shockingly affordable. When it launched in 2013, it cost $400, but the price has dropped over the years. It now costs about $250 or less if you get a good deal.


2. Spider-Man

Spiderman on PS4

The Spider-Man game on PS4 is just as good as the film, but even better now because you get to control it. It also has all the familiar landmarks like Union Square, Central Park and much more. The game is so detailed that it pretty much has the inner workings and a map of Spider-man’s home city, Manhattan, New York, to the tiniest detail. It also tells the story in detail just like the high-budget Marvel film, but with you controlling everything that happens.


3. Bloodborne

Bloodborne on PlayStation 4

This game is more than enough reason to get the PS4. Gamers say it is gruesome, tremendously challenging and one of the best games on PS4. The game is also only available on PlayStation 4.


4. Loads of apps

There are now loads of streaming apps on the PlayStation 4. You can now have Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon on the console. You can also run a Plex server through the PS4 with a native app.


5. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4

This game is a very futuristic innovative game. The characters are smart, funny and it is an absolutely delightful game to play. The characters stand out, and they really draw you into the realities of their virtual universe.


6. PS2, PS3 and PS4 games in one

A small selection of PS2 games is still available on the PS4. But this time you get to play them with HD resolution and rich features like trophies. You can play old games like Grand Theft Auto 3: San Andreas and Rough Galaxy.


7. God of War

God of Wa

The new God of War storyline is pretty unique and a little different from the other ones. Kratos’ wife died and she wanted to have her ashes at the tallest peak of the land. This time, the Kratos character is more interesting and has more depth. It is now more meaningful and memorable.


8. Virtual reality headset

The PlayStation VR is more immersive and has more games than before. Sony’s PlayStation VR is available on PS4 now. There are a few games available for the VR set too. Star Wars and Resident Evil 7 are only a few. It is a comfortable headset with a very high-end VR experience.


9. Great DualShock 4 gamepad

PlayStation 4 Gamepad

The gamepad has a comfortable aesthetically appealing design. It also has an inbuilt rechargeable battery. You might want to turn the gamepad brightness to the lowest level though as it can be very battery draining.


10. Spotify integration

The game has deep Spotify Integration. The PS4 works incredibly well with Spotify, which is the main music player. In-game music can also be replaced with songs from the Spotify app. You also don’t need a paid subscription to access the Spotify.

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