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11 Easy Money-Saving Life Hacks

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Some days, money could seem like water going down the drain. It absolutely does not seem like it would ever stay. There often seems to be one form of need or the other. Therefore, by the end of the day, there’s just nothing left again.


How then can you ensure you save up some cash for investment? Looking at the future, as against the present, you would realise that there’s a reason to prepare for rainy days. Marriage, children, business trips or leisure thrills could come up and require some extra cash. If you’re already in a needy situation, then you’re likely in a more pressing need for money.


There’s very little you can do if you keep up your current lifestyle. We’re not suggesting you cut out spending cash totally or go on a month fast from food and water to save money. Odds are that doing such a thing would put you in the hospital, hence making you spend extra money on bills that you could use elsewhere. Bummer!


With easy money-saving life hacks, you can remedy the situation. Also, you can adopt a better lifestyle in the process. These life hacks are designed to help make life much easier for you. We know all the tricks, but are you ready to learn and practise them?


Here are life hacks that can save you tons of money



1. Make water your primary beverage

What satisfies thirst and costs very little to buy? Water, that’s what. You can stock up on water rather than giving in to beverages like soda, juice and alcohol. In addition to the health benefits of water, you’re saving money as well. If you want to be really frugal, you can prepare your own water from home. Boil it, fill up purified bottles and store them in a cool place or the fridge.


2. Shop from thrift stores if you feel the shopping itch

If you must shop — the ‘I need to go on a date that might lead to marriage’ type of shopping — then go to a thrift store. Thrift stores are a better alternative because they are more affordable and have great quality items.


Also, you can get other household items as well. Get yourself plates, toaster, and other equipment from a second-hand store. What really matters is that it works. So, remember to test what you buy to avoid a shopping disaster.


3. Replace your card with cash

There’s something that spending money you can’t see. That little plastic you carry around makes it seem like you’re not spending as much as you think you are. With this mind frame, for every debit made, you only keep losing more money until your card gets declined and you wake up from your spending slumber. So learn to carry cash around instead. That way, you spend less when you notice how much you are actually spending.


4. Stay at home to save money

This may not be a joyful experience for the extroverts, but staying home on some days can really help your case. Instead, find a way to have fun at home instead of engaging in mindless shopping or weekend brunches. There must be a film you can watch at home instead of voyaging to the cinema.


5. Be your own hair stylist

Rather than visit the hair stylist every time you feel the need to maintain your hair or redo it, you can try these homemade tips.




6. Eat homemade meals

Not a great cook? Don’t worry, there are many recipes to pick from. You can make your own meal rather than spending at restaurants or placing orders. Do this a few times weekly and develop a habit of enjoying your own food. Without realising it, eating out is eating away at your monthly income. So, eat wisely.


7. Drink water before eating

Who says you cannot save money by drinking water the right way? When you drink water before your meal, you tend to eat less. You also feel fuller and more satisfied.


8. Exercise daily to save money

When you maintain a good workout routine, you become stronger and healthier, thus keeping the doctor away. “Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body,” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger says.


9. Save up for emergencies

Begin saving up emergency funds that you would definitely need some day. This is a backup fund that can be hidden even from yourself. You can start by giving someone you trust your money weekly or monthly to keep for you. It can be small and doesn’t have to be a whopping sum.


10. Track the money you’re spending

When you keep tabs of your expenses, you can track where the bulk of your money goes to. You can either create your own spreadsheet or use easy financial apps to help make it easier. Find out what works best for you by putting it to a test.


11. Don’t compare yourself to others

The good old peer pressure can sometimes come to play even as adults. When you compare yourself to others, you try to live as they do. This can cause you to spend money you can’t even afford. Try and compare yourself to you as against others. Set personal goals instead and develop a healthier spending habit.

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