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Spotify Lite

10MB Spotify Lite Now Available For Android Users

Spotify has launched a lighter version of its app called the Spotify Lite. This means that people who have old devices and limited access to data can use Spotify conveniently.


The main Spotify app requires 100MB space while this one only takes up only 10MB. It also has the ability to set a data limit. Users can decide to set a notification for when the data cap is reached. People who use some network providers in Nigeria will be able to benefit massively from this app.


Spotify Lite


Users have the ability to control the song cache and clear it in one sweep with the Spotify Lite. This is in order to avoid storage issues, especially for low-end phones. Spotify has now made the app available in 36 countries across various continents. These regions are Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.


What’s different?

The app will work through Google Play on Android devices with the 4.3 and higher OS. Meanwhile, it is important to realise that the Spotify Lite will offer the same experience as the regular Spotify app. However, it is optimised to work with slow connections and low data phone plans.


Spotify Lite


Another difference between the Spotify Lite and regular Spotify is the design. The library on the Lite version is replaced with favourites. These will consist of the saved songs and playlists. The company says the app is supposed to complement the main Spotify app. It will enable users to select what suits them best.


Other tech companies have introduced this feature in the past. Uber launched a Lite version of its app. So did Facebook for Instagram, Messenger and Facebook itself. The Lite app seems to be the next thing tech companies are doing for developing countries. Slow data connection and expensive data are a way of life for the majority of people in these countries.

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