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These 10 Tweets Prove That Cats Are More Evil Than You Think

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Cats are mysterious creatures. They have been seen as symbols of good luck by some, while others consider them bad luck. Most likely, this superstition is birthed from them being associated with witches. The idea of witches transforming to these little furry and cuddly creatures is, honestly, quite creepy.



However, most people keep them in spite of this. They would rather ignore the negative and embrace the positive belief that cats bring good luck as well. In Italy, it is believed that when a cat sneezes, it brings good luck. Contrarily, when it does this thrice, it means you’re going to come down with a cold. How complex is that!


On Twitter, we caught sight of some tweets by cat owners. These tweets prove that cats are more scheming creatures with ulterior motives. If you’re a cat lover, it’s time to be creeped out by your house pet. Also, if you aren’t, then you’re in for a laugh.


10 tweets that prove cats are more evil than you think

evil black cat


1. Cats have a secret meeting spot, and no humans are allowed in.


2. Also, they can take over your mind and body if you don’t watch out!


3. Cats are humans; you just don’t know it yet. *Evil laugh*


4. They are becoming bipedal!!! Soon, they’ll take over your jobs!!!


5. Cats don’t like you as much as you think. Sleep with one eye open!


6. They are warming up for a battle with humans. Check out those muscles!


7. Cats are learning our language.


8. They chant with their ruler!


9. A cat and a broom. Need we say more?


10. They plot secretly. Pack your bags already; they’ve started their plan to take over the world!

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