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10 Signs Your Friend Is Totally Into You

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There are times when a little friendly joke becomes way too suspicious. Is your friend being a bit too flirtatious? Does he like you more than a friend? Is she into you? So many questions pop into your head, yet you don’t want to be the ‘awkward’ one for asking. What if he doesn’t actually like you? That would be the ground opening and swallowing moment you never thought you’d wish for. But you need to be sure if they are only being a good friend or if they want something more.

Sometimes, we get so involved in a friendship with a guy that we switch from the casual to the intimate without trying to, especially if we’ve known that friend for a long time. Falling in love with someone gets easy when you’ve known that person inside out. Some might say that such relationships last longer.

If you want to find out if he likes you more than a friend, and wants something more, then you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Luckily for you, here are 10 signs your friend is totally into you.

1. He asks for more ‘casual’ dates

Yes, you used to hang out, but it’s suddenly becoming more often, and he asks you out alone. If he wants to spend more time with you, listening to you and asking very personal questions, then that’s a sign.

2. He initiates physical contact

One of the clearest signs there is, if your friend initiates physical contact that is outside the friendship you already have, then he likes you. You might be friends and have to hang out together or talk on the phone a lot. But if he always initiates it, then there might be something more. If he’s always the one asking you out, calling first, chatting you up, then he definitely wants something more.

3. There’s a s****l tension when you’re together

Body language gives away more than words do. If he’s becoming flirty, and you suddenly feel this intimate sensation when he touches you, then he wants something more. There’s a difference between being casually touched by your other friends, and being touched by him. You feel a bolt of s****l tension, and you just know that it’s intentional.

4. He stares at you often

You know you’ve done this at some point in your life. When you like someone, you catch yourself staring at them too often. It’s a human thing. This doesn’t mean your friend is ‘in love’ with you though. He most likely is attracted to you and ‘likes you’. There are other signs you need to look out for to be sure you can make the bold move of asking. But if he does stare at you often, then you can start practising your victory dance.

5. He’s not a fan of your relationships

If your friend always seems to have a problem with who you’re dating, doesn’t like talking about your relationships, and acts jealous often, then that man is strung.

6. He makes long term plans with you

Having a good friend is truly amazing. But we don’t always envision long term plans with our friends. If they are constantly talking about the future of your relationship, visiting exotic locations and living together, then there’s a possibility that they want to take it to the next step.

7. Take home to mama

If he takes you home to meet his family and introduces you to more of his friends, and colleagues, then it’s a sign he’s showing you off to them. Perhaps, he wants them to like you as much as he does. Vice-versa, if he wants to meet your family and all your friends too, and tries to make them like him, he may have fallen hard for you.

8. He’s nervous around you

If you suddenly notice he gets shy and awkward around you, especially when you’re alone, then you need to check it. Compare how he is around everyone else and then how he is around you. You could also initiate physical contact to see his reaction.

9. He brings up your friendship

Another sign of his feelings involves him bringing up your friendship a lot. He talks about how much you two have in common, your compatibility, how he trusts you, how much fun you have together, and so on. Whatever it is, he values you and wants you to know that you’re special to him, even if he hasn’t been vocal about it.

10. They can do anything for you

Your friend is willing to do the craziest thing for you. They’d get you things you need, fix things up in your house, and pick you up at the oddest hour, amongst other things. A person willing to do anything to make you happy wants to be a part of your life.

If you have started asking these questions and wondering why he really likes you, why don’t you make the first move and ask him directly? You never know.

You can also take this quiz if you want to be really sure he does like you. Share your result with us.

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