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10 Questions To Ask The Surgeon Before Booking A Liposuction

After making a decision to go for liposuction, the next step is to choose a suitable plastic surgeon for the procedure. Meanwhile, there are at least ten questions that you should ask your surgeon to determine if they are a good fit for helping you reach your aesthetic goals.Why America Needs More Black Doctors | Healthiest Communities | US News

1. Are you board certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery?

Board-certified plastic surgeons demonstrate knowledge and experience in a number of plastic surgery procedures and must have met stringent standards to attain certification. A surgeon who is yet to get certified should not be working on your body.

2. How much experience do you have with liposuction?

Ask how many procedures they have done. This is because asking this question can help you understand a surgeon’s knowledge level.

3. What kinds of results can I expect?

It can take several weeks for the swelling to resolve. This is because the skin needs to tighten to see the full result. The surgeon can help guide you through this process.

4. What is the surgery and recovery time?

The amount of fat removed, the target area and the number of areas in the body treated also determines the recovery period.

5. Are before and after photos of similar procedures available to see?

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Reviewing the surgeon’s past work on similar patients and body areas can help patients get a realistic feel for the surgeon’s work and results.

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6. What is the scheduling time before surgery?

It is always important you look out for the surgeon’s availability. Some surgeons may be booked out for months, while others may have openings every day of the week.

7. What are costs and is financing available?

Costs vary by patient and by location of the surgeon. Understanding affordability and available payment options can also better help patients plan and budget for liposuction.

8. What is the post-surgical care for the target area?

In many cases, compression garments can help the healing process. On occasions of special care, patients can make or plan for special arrangements to heal optimally.

9. Can liposuction be combined with other plastic surgeries to better meet goals?

Combining liposuction with other procedures is now safer. Liposuction may be combined with a tummy tuck to reduce abdominal stretching and better return the body to a more ideal shape.

10. Is follow-up required after this procedure?

Some surgeons may also require a post-surgery visit to evaluate and confirm that everything is healing on schedule and properly. Meanwhile, while others may require multiple follow-up visits as a part of aftercare.

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