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10 productivity apps you need on your iPhone in 2022

Productivity apps make getting things done, building habits, organising files, and beating deadlines more manageable. Here, I’ve collected the most popular productivity apps among iPhone users in 2022.

We have long moved on from manual labour, and you are doing it wrong if you feel that you still need to do every task by yourself. Productivity apps are there to handle as many of your tasks as possible. In this article, I go for the most popular because if everyone is downloading them on their iPhones, it can only mean that they are vital.

Let’s see some of the most downloaded iPhone apps in 2022 that improve productivity all-round.

1. Dropbox

This free software allows anyone to upload and transfer files to the cloud. The catch here is that it aids collaboration and reduces the tedious aspect of file sharing. In addition, you can backup files and sync them on other devices. Dropbox announced a native Apple Silicon app for the first half of 2022.

2. HP Smart

HP Smart is a trustee old app you’ve been likely sleeping on. It connects your device to HP Printers (present in almost every office) and comes with features like Print Anywhere, Mobile Fax, and more. With this, you can print on your office printer while working from home.

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3. Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the several apps from Google’s suite that many people are not using to its full potential. You can use it to create a phone number for calling, texting, and voice mailing. Its sync feature allows you to use the same app on smartphones and computers.

4. Authenticator

This is a simple and free Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution connected to the software. It provides an extra layer of protection for your account, which is important because the software holds critical information.

5. Speechify

If you have ever found yourself divided over concentrating on work and reading, you can do both simultaneously with Speechify. In addition, this is not just any kind of software as it provides a realistic, intelligent text-to-speech experience. So, you can listen to texts, messages, ebooks, and more, while you work.

10 productivity apps to get on your iPhone in 2022 - Plat4om
Translate to 100+ languages from your iPhone.

6. CamScanner

Combine the powerful iPhone camera with this productivity app, and your smartphone becomes a scanner. Armed with this, you can convert documents to PDF and JPEG. It is also free to use.

7. Translator Guru

Even if you are not working in communications, you may come across situations where you need to translate foreign texts or voices into your local language. You can select what you need to translate and convert into languages you understand from your iPhone. Also, you can send texts to foreign partners in their home language.

8. DocuSign

Leave your mark and validate statements online with DocuSign eSignature software. Its features include copying and pasting already saved signatures in documents. You don’t need to worry about quality as the iPhone’s high-end capabilities make your signature clear.

9. Smart Home Manager

Control your home internet with this AT&T-provided software, and you get to manage screen time user access, track data usage by device, and invite guests with an email or text. Also, if you have this app, you can easily reach a 24/7 virtual assistant test and optimise your signal.

10. iTranslate Translator

This is another translator app popular among iPhone users who understand the power of productivity apps. Its most prominent feature is the offline mode that allows you to translate abroad without paying outrageous roaming fees.

Of course, you likely noticed that these apps are not very mainstream. The reason is simple, not many have realised their potential to make life easier, but they will soon. If you have used any of these apps, let me know how useful you found them in the comment section.

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