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10 Hilarious Fool Proof Pranks For April Fool’s Day

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There are days when you just want to give up on the prank game. Every attempt you make to fool someone just fails for some reason, and we know why. This happens because your potential victims seem to have gotten too schooled by you. Years of falling victim to your tactics has led them to predict your every move. However, there are a million and one pranks you probably haven’t tried yet.


Therefore, you need to try these hilarious foolproof pranks on your nearest victim this April Fool’s Day. Be warned, they could be just any category of fools but the happy kind everyone loves. So, ensure you prank wisely.


10 hilarious foolproof pranks for April Fool’s Day


10. Bugs Funny

The bigger the better! Make paper bugs to creep the heart out of your friends and family.



9. Mouse Prank

So, your mouse isn’t working properly. You flip it to find out what’s wrong, and viola! The creepy guy is smiling at you.



8. Do you have time for this?

This prank is hilarious but is obviously more work for the prankster. Are you up for this?



7. Known Shower

Try this on your partner or parent. What’s the worst they can do to you?



6. Coolest lawn table ever

Turn your work station into your personal lawn. Do this if you’re sure your boss wouldn’t fire you. This could actually grow on you.



5. Dinner is served

With a piece of carton, you can get creative with dinner. Make a piece of yamarita for yourself while you’re at it.



4. Rat attack

You actually have to buy fake rats to do this. Do this in your boss’s office if you’re on good terms and they can take a joke.



3. Peeping Tom

Don’t try this at home. Or, on second thought, DO IT!!! This is hilarious but might get you spanked.



2. Evil switch

No comment! This is just evil, and hilarious too



1. Fake Poop

This is just nasty. But try moulding your own kind of poop and painting it, others will think it’s nasty too. Go wild by even tasting it. Yummy!!!d


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