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If You Wear Glasses, You Need To Try These 10 Beauty Tips

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Everyone, with or without perfect eyesight, is rocking glasses. Over the years, glasses have evolved from functional to fashionable accessories.

With these ten chic beauty tips, wearing glasses would become a go-to accessory for everyone, whether or not you need to wear them.

1. Get an LED magnifying mirror

Even if you’re as blind as a bat, this mirror helps you see without your glasses when you need to do your makeup.

2. Use an eyelash curler

This helps keep your eyelashes from hitting your frame as this is common and most likely to happen. Curling your lashes also helps prevent smudges when you put on mascara.

3. Pick your eyeliner wisely

Don’t use a dark eyeliner like black or navy blue, especially when your glass frame is dark. Line beneath your eyes with colours like burgundy or electric blue to make your eyes pop even behind the frames.

4. Blend, blend, blend!

Ensure you blend your makeup properly. A beauty blender is very useful for this. Try not to apply too much foundation; this would only smear on your glass frames.

5. Conceal eye bags

Apply concealer under your eyes to stop them from looking sunken. This is because your glasses can actually magnify the appearance rather than hide it. So ensure you conceal with a bright under-eye concealer to keep your eyes looking awake. Also, applying a setting spray will give you that perky look.

6. Shape your brows

Your brows frame your face. In fact, glasses often emphasise on the eye area, making it even more important. Your brows need to be on ‘fleek’, so you need to carve your brows and fill them in properly to give you the chic look you want.

7. Use neutral eye shadow

Get a palette that has neutral colours you can work it. Using eye makeup with overly bright colours may take away from the neutral effect you’re going for. Instead, make use of a neutral colour on your eyes, and highlight beneath your brows to make your look pop.

8. Bright lipstick for dark frames

Pull the attention from your dark frames to your face using bright lipstick to give you a more enhanced look. This is a makeup favourite among many eyeglass wearers as it works magically in giving your makeup a complete sultry look.

9. Neutral lipstick for light frames

On the contrary, if you have a bright frame, use a neutral lip colour to give you a balanced look. The colour should be close to your skin tone.

10. Blush

Apply a little blush after you wear your glasses. If done before, you might hide part of your blush beneath your glasses.

Were these tips effective, or are there more tips you’d like to share? Kindly do that in the comments section below.

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