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10 Best Tweets About The “Game Of Thrones” Season Finale

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Way before it ended, it seemed like fans stopped being impressed. Meanwhile, many tried to cope by making memes out of the “Game of Thrones” finale. The final episode screened on Sunday night, and this time was no different. The memes and twitter reactions were both hilarious and great spoilers for those who hadn’t caught the last episode yet. If you still haven’t started watching the final season yet, then beware because there WILL be spoilers.



These 10 tweets will reveal more than we can because we most definitely will. We weren’t impressed by the Dragon Queen burning everyone in King’s Landing to a crisp. She also destroyed the Red Keep, killing everyone left in the entire Lannister line, except Tyrion. Then, there was the issue of Jon ‘Aegon Targaryen’ Snow defending Dany’s brutal actions. Soon, Jon kills Dany and then gets banished (again) north of the Wall to the Night’s Watch.


Are you still reading?


Blood reached boiling point at the lack of farewell from Jon Snow to his dire wolf. Also, there is a scene where Tyrion confirms the death of his siblings, Cersei and Jaime. The six episodes of the final season are over. Even with the petition being signed for a remake of the show, it’s goodbye to “Game of Thrones”.


Here’s what fans had to say about the final episode. We warned you about spoilers, so read at your risk.


10 best tweets about the “Game of Thrones” season finale









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