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10 Basic Hacks To Applying False EyeLashes Like A Pro

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There’s no worse makeup disaster than when you apply false lashes wrongly. It wouldn’t take too long to get people glancing your way and asking, “Why bother?” There is a lot that false eyelashes do in enhancing your look. You can switch from looking drab to looking glam; the trick is in knowing ‘how’.


False lashes aren’t great, but they aren’t bad either. There are definitely other things besides false lashes that are far much worse like:

  • Your boyfriend telling you he’s getting married to someone else.
  • Combing your dry, natural hair after leaving it unprotected all night.
  • Getting a lash stuck in your eye.
  • Finding out that your longtime crush has a mouth/body odour.
  • Going to work late.
  • Losing a dance competition to another kid at a birthday party. (Yes, that’s a bad memory.)

Or even much worse….

  • Wearing a bra (Ladies, admit that it doesn’t always feel great).


If you get the application wrong, you could end up looking tacky or even losing your natural lashes.


(Note: Get good glue)


Working with makeup artists, I’ve learned to quietly pick up on one or two things about false lashes. Okay, I lied! I’ve learned more than one or two things. So here are 11 things I know about how to apply your false lashes properly.


How to apply False Eyelashes



1. Always apply after makeup

Trying to get your makeup done after fixing your false eyelashes can be very difficult to do. It will take a longer time to get your eyes popping the way you intend them to.


2. Cut to fit

False eyelashes aren’t designed to fit every eye perfectly. You’re left with the choice of cutting them to fit after lining them up to your lid to measure.


3. Bend to a C-shape

Bending your false eyelashes to a C-shape makes it look more natural and easy to apply. This can be achieved by wrapping them around a makeup brush before application. Ever wondered why some ladies look tacky with their false eyelashes? Check out the shape of their lashes. (You didn’t hear it from me).


4. Apply glue

You can either do this on the false eyelashes or on your lash line.


5. Leave for 10-20 seconds before applying

If you don’t want your false eyelashes to go with the wind, then ensure they stick. The longer you leave them after glue application, the drier they become and the stickier they get.


6. Apply a liquid eyeliner

Some glues leave an obvious residue after false eyelashes application on the lid. You can camouflage this with a liquid eyeliner. What’s your favourite eyeliner?


7. Use the face-down mirror technique

If you’re a novice at applying eyelashes like me, then you need to practise this bit. It helps to have your mirror placed in a position that allows you to look down into it. With elbows on both side on the mirror, you can apply away.


8. Use a make-remover to take it off

Using a cotton bud soaked in an oil-free makeup remover helps you to remove the false eyelashes easier. After removal, use coconut oil to remove the glue residue from your eyelashes. Also, use tweezers to remove from your false eyelashes. I’ve lost a few precious lashes due to my aggressive lash-s*******g habit. Don’t be like me.


9. They are not waterproof

While washing your false eyelashes in liquid and hot water is good for maintenance after removal; going swimming or tearing up with your false eyelashes on may not be a good idea if you don’t want to scare them off.


10. There are varieties

False eyelashes come in different shapes and sizes. Certain brands like Beauty Kinks may just have what you’re looking for. I’ve tried applying a pair of Beauty Kink eyelashes, and I loved flirting with myself in the mirror. Luckily, they also have a lash glue and several other eye candies.


False lashes still aren’t the best things on earth for me, but they certainly aren’t the worst. Right now, eyeliners are my eye candy. What’s yours?



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