You are currently viewing 1 Million+ Cancel Netflix Subscription For Portraying Jesus As Gay

1 Million+ Cancel Netflix Subscription For Portraying Jesus As Gay

Netflix seems to be doing double time on the religious crowd, especially with the character of Jesus. Not yet back from the backlash of January slated Messiah, the streaming company released The First Temptation of Christ in Brazil.


The newly released one-off show is categorized under Dark Comedies, and for good reason. It portrays Jesus as a gay man in a relationship with someone called Orlando. A touchy subject among the major religions of the world: Christians and Muslims.


On the company’s official page, it describes the show in brief as:


netflix Jesus Gay
The First Temptation of Christ on Netflix.


“Jesus, who’s hitting the big 3-0, brings a surprise guest to meet the family. A Christmas special so wrong, it must be from comedians Porta dos Fundos.”


Porta dos Fundos is a Brazilian controversial comedy YouTube channel that literally means Back Door. They had in truth made the comedy which Netflix aired.


The crowd is not having it this time as more people call for the show to be pulled than we saw in the last protest. Netflix seems to be basically calling their bluff as it does not even release a statement to address the protests.


This is not the first time the media streaming giants have entered controversies. By this time in 2018, it released a dark comedy titled: The Last Hangover. A mimicry of the revered Last Supper.

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This time the agitators are alleged to have surpassed a million. With many posting screenshots of their canceled subscription pages online and encouraging others to do so.


AFP reported that the Brazilian president’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro had said that despite believing in freedom of expression, this kind of attack on the belief of 86% of the world’s population is wrong.


Majority of Twitter reactions also tow the same line:





Will the media streaming company survive this impending mass exodus?


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